Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Escondido Jewelry Store and Custom Design

Reason to Redesign Jewelry

Many people discover that they have old jewelry that we just don’t wear anymore or care about. It is not always a common thought to create new jewelry from old jewelry. Often you might find that you inherited jewelry, or maybe something you bought for yourself ten years ago. Not to worry it doesn’t mean your jewelry needs to go to waste. It is totally possible to redesign jewelry into something that you feel great flaunting an not hidden away in your jewelry box.

There are countless reasons why someone may choose to hire a jewelers in Escondido simply change the aesthetic that matches personal and sentimental reasons. Repurposed jewelry lends diversity when it comes to design. At Gems N’ Loans, many clients have created new jewelry from old jewelry. our master jeweler is up to date with current trends and can make you dream engagement dream come true.

Redesigning jewelry for family members can be incredibly sentimental. One client came to us with his grandmother’s ring, and it was important to him to include it in his fiancé’s engagement ring. Using family jewelry is a way to keep your loved ones close to you, even after they may have passed on.

Learn how Gems N’ Loans can make your dreams come true!

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