Saturday, July 14, 2018

Time to Keep Old Jewelry Escondido
If your jewelry box is filled with tangled jewelry that you may have been given or forgotten about, you may be able to turn those valuables into a car payment, vacation, or a bathroom remodel. Heirloom jewelry can be used as collateral or melted down into bullion. The gems if any can be sold or reclaimed in a custom jewelry design, like and engagement ring.

To get the most out of your unwanted jewelry, you need to know what the jewelry is worth and where you should sell it. You also need to be prepared to extend the effort into selling it. A master gemologist and senior accredited appraiser can help you recoup the value by selling trading, or loaning your jewelry.

Selling your jewelry in person to a local shop is still the best way to get the most money out of it, with options, including coin shops, pawnshops in Escondido, consignment shops and jewelers.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

How to Benefit from Custom Jewelry & Repairs Escondido

When working with with a expert jeweler in Escondido to create a unique piece of jewelry, you don’t have to ask for approval to make your creative choices. Contrary, you can embrace your innovative vision and share it with the experienced jeweler.

A jeweler can sketch out the perfect ring yo match your idea in mind. Regardless to what your tastes or needs are, a jeweler is able work with you to create a personalized piece of art.

When your budget dictates the decision process in advance, your money will work for you. It is also the number one priority with any couple getting engaged or married, considering the cost of living has become more expensive. Normally, couples want to save as much money as possible, and a custom design allows for the creation of a unique item that still fits into your budget.

Knowing that you’re walking around with a carefully crafted piece given to you by someone you love, the sentimental value is unique in that you and your partner have originality and creativity invested in the ring in addition to it primary purpose.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Escondido Jewelry Store and Custom Design

Reason to Redesign Jewelry

Many people discover that they have old jewelry that we just don’t wear anymore or care about. It is not always a common thought to create new jewelry from old jewelry. Often you might find that you inherited jewelry, or maybe something you bought for yourself ten years ago. Not to worry it doesn’t mean your jewelry needs to go to waste. It is totally possible to redesign jewelry into something that you feel great flaunting an not hidden away in your jewelry box.

There are countless reasons why someone may choose to hire a jewelers in Escondido simply change the aesthetic that matches personal and sentimental reasons. Repurposed jewelry lends diversity when it comes to design. At Gems N’ Loans, many clients have created new jewelry from old jewelry. our master jeweler is up to date with current trends and can make you dream engagement dream come true.

Redesigning jewelry for family members can be incredibly sentimental. One client came to us with his grandmother’s ring, and it was important to him to include it in his fiancé’s engagement ring. Using family jewelry is a way to keep your loved ones close to you, even after they may have passed on.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Jewelers in Escondido Tell All

Six Things Your Jeweler in Escondido Won’t Tell You

1. Need your ring to look superior to rings that are unquestionably important? There's a basic recipe: Keep it clean. A spotless blemished jewel is substantially more appealing than a grimy faultless one.

2. Individuals tend to surmise that stores that complete a great deal of volume can give you the best cost, however actually the markups at popular stores are regularly a considerable measure higher than the markups at free gems stores. Continuously check and analyze.

3. In case you're paying boatloads of money for a precious stone, dependably get a confirmation report from a noteworthy lab, for example, the GIA or AGS.

4. To adapt in this economy, a considerable measure of diamond setters have changed themselves into purchasers of scrap gold since it's an approach to profit. However, numerous have neglected their stock choice subsequently.

5. Without a doubt, there might be a few gem specialists who don't tell their clients the precious stone they're purchasing is crack filled. In any case, there are likewise a great deal of spouses and beaus out there who don't tell their adored one that the precious stone they're getting is break filled. The lady conveys it to me to clean or modify it, all the rounding turns out—and I'm the one remaining hanging.

6. In case you're purchasing something costly, request that your gem dealer set the points of interest of your piece in motion on the business receipt. At that point take it to a gemologist appraiser who holds a regarded accreditation (MGA, CGA, or CMA). Never manage a gem dealer who doesn't have a liberal merchandise exchange.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Jewelers Near Westfield North County

Advice We've Ever Heard About Jewelers
According to Business insider, one of the terms you see a lot when you start researching engagement rings, and particularly diamonds, is the "four C's." Diamonds are graded and priced based on the four C's. These C's are: cut, carat, color, and clarity.

These terms do relate to important facts in relation to shopping jewelry, because they help you understand the quality of a ring, and they also help determine its price. Some believe that if a ring is beautiful and feels right, things like this don't necessarily matter. However, it's still good to know what you're paying for.

Jewelers in Escondido like Gems N’ Loans service a variety of customers in North County San Diego, and used to answering important question pertaining to the value of the jewelers that buy, sell, or customize. 


Monday, May 7, 2018

Escondido Jewelry Store Emerald Sale

A Jeweler You Can Count On

Not far from Fifth Avenue, there are jewels waiting to be adorned and fashioned into wedding rings, necklaces, and bracelets. One might question the benefits of buy jewelry from a pawn shop. The answer is simple, they have more competitive pricing, and don’t rely solely on this as their revenue stream.

The emeralds are the stone of the month nd are going for 50% OFF.

Emeralds are famous for their defects. Immaculate stones are exceptionally phenomenal, and are noted for their incredible esteem. Some really incline toward Emeralds with minute defects over impeccable Emeralds, as this demonstrates legitimacy.

Imperfections are regularly covered up by treating the Emeralds with oil or engineered oils, and this is a typical practice in the business. In spite of the fact that Colombian Emeralds have customarily been the most astounding quality Emeralds with the finest green shading, another wellspring of Emerald from the African nation of Zambia has been creating dark green Emeralds with less defects.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Who Is The Best Jeweler in Escondido

When you need a little extra cash, digging through your jewelry box isn’t a bad place to start. The next question is whether you should go to a gold buyer or find a pawn shop? We will explain why jewelers in Escondido like Gems N’ Loans will offer you the best pricing for your jewelry for sellers and buyers.

It is important to ground your expectations in reality. You may have an heirloom diamond necklace that belonged to your eccentric great aunt Maude, but to everyone you’re selling to, it’s just a necklace. This isn’t to say you aren’t possibly sitting on a treasure. You might be wondering who will give you the best offer right?

The best offer can most likely be found at a pawn shop from where the general over head of this type of dealer, is dependent upon just jewelry sales, where specific jewelers would be.

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Time to Keep Old Jewelry Escondido

If your jewelry box is filled with tangled jewelry that you may have been given or forgotten about, you may be able to turn those valuable...